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This Week in Links

23 October 2009

Happy Friday!

Framing Health Care Debate as Battle of the Sexes (NPR)

Though women in America are, on average, poorer than men and receive less health coverage than men, they are still charged exorbitantly higher premiums than men for most of their child bearing & rearing years. Women are being ripped off in the insurance market even when their plans explicitly exclude maternity coverage. Even if health care for women costs more during child bearing & rearing years, men and women should shoulder that cost equally. After all, women don’t make babies by themselves.

Men should expect to pay for maternity coverage they will never use for two reasons:

1. Chances are, their wife or girlfriend or random hook-up will need to use it.

2. ‘Shared risk’ is the definition of insurance. Everybody pays into the pool knowing full well that there is a chance they will never take out of it. Should women not have to subsidize with their premiums men’s viagra prescriptions? Prostate cancer treatments? Penile implants? Should my premiums not be used to subsidize the treatment of somebody with cancer just because I might never get cancer? That is the DEFINITION OF INSURANCE. If it was a pay for service system, it wouldn’t be called insurance.

Roman Polanski’s entry in Dickipedia

Where Polanski is deftly identified as “One of the most talented rapists of all time.”

In the US, Hope for Victims of Genital Mutilation (Newsweek)

Sometimes, I just want to put all the world’s men on a ship and send it out to space.

Somali Pirates Seize Chinese Ship (NY Times)

On a prior attempt by Somali pirates to take down a Chinese ship, the crew members were able to successfully fight off the pirates with homemade Molotov cocktails.

Never back down!

Business Etiquette You Should Know (Exelle)

– Shiyuan


Mahjong Rap

21 October 2009

Originally posted at My Dad is a Fob

Submitter says: “My dad used the music software we got him for Christmas to make a rap about my mom and her friends playing Mahjong. The music video is set in our family living room.”

The music, the sweaters, the quiet clinking of the Mahjong tiles – it’s like I’m in my living room. Notice that one of the ladies is wearing a Taiwanese flag scarf. Had to repost this gem.

– Shiyuan

Nepalese Solider & Dog Praying Together

20 October 2009

Picture scooped from Day in Pictures, San Francisco Chronicle

Nepalese K-9 police officer Padam Gurung and colleague put their hands and paws together to worship at the Tihar festival in Katmandu.

Nepalese K-9 police officer Padam Gurung and colleague put their hands and paws together to worship at the Tihar festival in Katmandu.

I’m hoping against hope that this picture isn’t doctored because it is so freaking cool. If any of you have pets of your own, you will know how unspeakably hard it is to get them to pose for any pictures, ever. It’s practically a law of nature  – a pet’s moment of extreme cuteness ends right before you can manage to get your camera out.

Not my cats, of course. They’re always cute.

Asian pets are so smart, y’all.

– Shiyuan

A New Look at the Problem of Health Care

20 October 2009

More is Less and Somebody Else’s Money, the recent two-part series on health care by This American Life does a fantastic job of unseating what has been the primary assumption driving the health care debate – that the rising cost of goods & services, which everybody agrees is untenable,  is caused by the unchecked greed of America’s big insurance companies.

This is an assumption held by President Obama, a major voice in the debate over health care reform, who accused the insurance companies last week of wanting to maintain the statuo quo system, even as it becomes apparent that costs will continue to skyrocket.

President Obama’s argument – an argument that’s shared by much of the left – is that if left to their own devices, insurance companies will continue to raise premiums and limit coverage, because that is how they make their money. Since a few major insurance companies currently have a lock on the insurance market, the obvious solution is to introduce smaller, more cost-efficient insurers, who can keep the big companies in check. That’s the main force behind the public option – we think that it will keep costs down & big insurance companies honest by acting as good ole’ fashioned competition.

As Ira Glass and his awesome team of super sleuths have discovered, the real story is far more complicated.

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Be Chic | Shine is Good

19 October 2009

Everybody has something about themselves that they find to be fatally wrong. (Obviously this is more self-perception than any measure of reality). For me, it’s an oily t-zone. (That’s the triangular area around the forehead and nose  that is most prone to shine.)

Although it’s been hardwired into my brain that shine is bad, I’m recently learning that I was wrong and misinformed.

It wasn’t until my 500th visit to Sephora did I learn from a kind, Asian skin care consultant that my skin’s production of oil is good. YES, SHINE IS GOOD.

Why is Shine Good?

1. Oil PROTECTS Your Skin

Your body secretes oil as a protective barrier against bacteria and UV rays. Also, oil helps your skin to retain moisture and maintain a youthful glow. (That’s the good kind of glow.)

Unfortunately, the collusion of modern cosmetology and sanitized, artificial ways of living has resulted in a massive push to strip oil from our skin. Wrong! Don’t do it. Using soap, astringent toner, and mattifiers STRIPS your skin of its natural oil. Consequently, your skin will overcompensate by producing MORE OIL. This is where the vicious cycle begins.

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This Week’s Links

18 October 2009

Totally meant to do this last Friday.

Oh, well. Happy Sunday!

Good reads from the past week:

Are the rich paying their fair share? (LA Times)

As someone who is acutely aware of how much tax she pays, living in what seems like the most heavily taxed state (California), the issue of “fairness” matters when it comes to tax policy. This is a great LA Times article that breaks down the myth that low income folks pay less than their share of tax while using more than their share of social & public services.

Micro pigs: the next designer pet (Daily Mail, UK)

While it’s kind of creepy that big animals are being bred to be small animals so that rich people can purchase them & keep them cooped up in big city apartments, there is something incredibly charming about micro pigs. No bigger than a teacup, and brimming with affection, micro pigs are definitely beating out miniature cows as my favorite barnyard animal turned household pet.

Feminine Hygiene: Vagina Mints (Mother Jones)

Ugh. NASTY. If you don’t like the vagina, you don’t get sex. Plain & simple. Quit with the feminine hygiene products bullshit.

My Mom is a Fob

Best thing I’ve read all week. Everything is funny & true & not at all offensive.

– Shiyuan

Oct 15 Rally & Community Event @ Santa Clara University

14 October 2009

Courtesy of National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC), Korean Resource Center (KRC), Silicon Valley Alliance for Immigration Reform, CET, PACT, Sacred Heart Community Center, SEIU Local 1877, SIREN, SAHE, SCU MEChA, SCU La Raza Lawyers, UFCW Local 5, Catholic Charities, Asian Law Alliance, Voluntarios de la Comunidad, Laborers Local 270, Reform Immigration FOR America, PUEBLO from Oregon, Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights Los Angeles (CHIRLA), Consejo de Federaciones Mexicanas en Norteamérica, & other organizations working towards comprehensive immigration reform.

THE ISSUE: Current immigration regulations have resulted in the separation of tens of thousands of families & instill fear in our communities. The policies that Secretary Janet Napolitano supports remain woefully ignorant of the real, human cost of immigration “enforcement,” while accomplishing shockingly little toward keeping the United States safe & secure. Our laws are untenable, & lawmakers need to make it a priority to find a fair & practical solution to an issue that affects us all.

THE EVENT: Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano will be receiving an award Thursday October 15 at Santa Clara University where she will be speaking on the future of law enforcement in the United States.

Please join the Asian American & Latino communities in support of comprehensive immigration reform in a rally on

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15 from 5:00pm to 9:00pm Lafayette Park at Santa Clara University, 95053

For more information, contact Olivia Park @ 213-605-1255

– Shiyuan