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This “Effortless Chic” Business

18 September 2009
Be Chic columnist Fiona

Be Chic columnist Fiona

Happy Friday, folks.

I’m excited to introduce Fiona, our new fashion & style columnist!

She’s stylish, resourceful, and sassy as all heck. I hope you will enjoy reading her column as much as we do.

– Shiyuan

(PS. Isn’t she SO FREAKING CUTE? I know, I can’t handle it either.)


Chic. What does THAT mean?

Well, we know what it means to Vogue:

Immaculately dressed men and women. In man form, think Don Draper from “Mad Men.” In woman form, it is, of course, Audrey Hepburn.

Handed down to us lowly mortals from Fashion Magazines, “chic” is often a look that’s presented in ways that only seem replicable with unlimited money and unhampered access.

For the everyday woman, that’s all but impossible. Right?


Chic, to me, is the woman who can throw on a beige trench over black sweats and converse all-stars, looking so good with her muffin in hand. It’s that $4.99 white laced sequins top you found at Goodwill on your 21st birthday. Chic is taking a risk and cutting your hair too short, only to find that you actually like it.

Chic isn’t just old money and Vogue covers and Parisian apartments – it’s an attitude, a way to be, and best of all, it’s accessible to everybody.


To translate runway ideals and beautiful prints into a language that everybody can speak. Take me for example: I’m a gal in my 20s, loves fashion like its my food and water, but definitely stringing it along on a budget. I know what it’s like to work with limitations. But I’m not intimidated – I think this’ll be fun.

Here at Be Chic, we’ll be sharing tips and insights on how to look great and keep people guessing without blowing the bank. I hope you’ll enjoy our style tips and beauty finds.

Don’t be a stranger!

Our NEXT POST will be on Yasmine Sewell, a personal fashion inspiration.

Ciao bella,


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