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Be Chic | Finding Your Je Ne Sais Quoi

28 September 2009

Like every artist needs a muse, every fashionista needs a personal style icon. Becoming familiar with people whose personal style you admire is important because they can inspire you to go in different directions than you would otherwise. A great style icon can help you bring a certain je ne sais quoi to your wardrobe.

One of my style icons is Yasmin Sewell, a buyer for Liberty of London (think British Barney’s). Sewell’s style shows us that a great look shouldn’t break the bank. Her style mixes designer with vintage pieces for the ultimate high/low pairings.

Sewell in Cuffed Jeans & Boy Blazer

Sewell in Cuffed Jeans & Boy Blazer

Yasmin Sewell first caught my eye at the Milan Fall 2008 Fashion Week. Here Sewell sports boyfriend jeans a year before they became trendy – now that’s what we call foresight – with a boy cut blazer. The cuffed sleeves of her blazer pull back to reveal slender wrists, adding a feminine touch to the piece. Her shoes are simple, yet fabulous, and slims down her wide jeans.

Sewell in Yellow Silk Top Over White Tank

Sewell in Yellow Silk Top Over White Tank

Love this pic. Just taking it all in. Sewell drapes a yellow silk blouse over a white tank. Who said you couldn’t dress down silks? I know cigarettes kill, but she is so elegant and sexy in this shot. Just don’t inhale…

So Simple and Casual

So Simple and Casual

Ahhh, European simplicity. You can do so much with neutrals. The draping of the beige over the black creates dimension and movement. Those slouchy granny pants add a touch of sophistication.

Different, But Classic

Different, But Classic

Here, Sewell pairs bulky shorts with chunky heals. Her silhouette goes from delicate on top to bold geometric on bottom. This outfit is super versatile – for work, and on-the-go.

So Chic

So Chic

This look is so chic. Elegant on top, chunky on bottom. Need I say more?

COMING UP: A profile of Chinese actress & style icon, Zhou Xun

Zhou Xun


Ciao bella,


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