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This Week’s Links

18 October 2009

Totally meant to do this last Friday.

Oh, well. Happy Sunday!

Good reads from the past week:

Are the rich paying their fair share? (LA Times)

As someone who is acutely aware of how much tax she pays, living in what seems like the most heavily taxed state (California), the issue of “fairness” matters when it comes to tax policy. This is a great LA Times article that breaks down the myth that low income folks pay less than their share of tax while using more than their share of social & public services.

Micro pigs: the next designer pet (Daily Mail, UK)

While it’s kind of creepy that big animals are being bred to be small animals so that rich people can purchase them & keep them cooped up in big city apartments, there is something incredibly charming about micro pigs. No bigger than a teacup, and brimming with affection, micro pigs are definitely beating out miniature cows as my favorite barnyard animal turned household pet.

Feminine Hygiene: Vagina Mints (Mother Jones)

Ugh. NASTY. If you don’t like the vagina, you don’t get sex. Plain & simple. Quit with the feminine hygiene products bullshit.

My Mom is a Fob

Best thing I’ve read all week. Everything is funny & true & not at all offensive.

– Shiyuan

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