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This Week in Links

23 October 2009

Happy Friday!

Framing Health Care Debate as Battle of the Sexes (NPR)

Though women in America are, on average, poorer than men and receive less health coverage than men, they are still charged exorbitantly higher premiums than men for most of their child bearing & rearing years. Women are being ripped off in the insurance market even when their plans explicitly exclude maternity coverage. Even if health care for women costs more during child bearing & rearing years, men and women should shoulder that cost equally. After all, women don’t make babies by themselves.

Men should expect to pay for maternity coverage they will never use for two reasons:

1. Chances are, their wife or girlfriend or random hook-up will need to use it.

2. ‘Shared risk’ is the definition of insurance. Everybody pays into the pool knowing full well that there is a chance they will never take out of it. Should women not have to subsidize with their premiums men’s viagra prescriptions? Prostate cancer treatments? Penile implants? Should my premiums not be used to subsidize the treatment of somebody with cancer just because I might never get cancer? That is the DEFINITION OF INSURANCE. If it was a pay for service system, it wouldn’t be called insurance.

Roman Polanski’s entry in Dickipedia

Where Polanski is deftly identified as “One of the most talented rapists of all time.”

In the US, Hope for Victims of Genital Mutilation (Newsweek)

Sometimes, I just want to put all the world’s men on a ship and send it out to space.

Somali Pirates Seize Chinese Ship (NY Times)

On a prior attempt by Somali pirates to take down a Chinese ship, the crew members were able to successfully fight off the pirates with homemade Molotov cocktails.

Never back down!

Business Etiquette You Should Know (Exelle)

– Shiyuan

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